The New Coon Creek Girls have since had several personnel changes over the years, but you would be hard pressed to find a combination of which found more popularity than that of which was together in the mid 80′s. It is that lineup of women that has come together after a 27 year hiatus; Pam Gadd on banjo & guitar; Wanda Barnett on guitar & fiddle; Vicki Simmons on bass & banjo; and Pam Perry Combs on mandolin & guitar; they sometimes carry one of their alumni fiddle players too. Though each of them have experienced their own success in music, they all hold their tenure with the New Coon Creek Girls as a highlight in their careers. Their years of experience has brought a new life to their music and a seasoned nuance to their shows.


The New Coon Creek Girls


The girls have joined together to play select dates this year to help one of their own. Five years ago Vicki Simmons suffered a brain aneurism and two subsequent strokes. “I have been there every step of the way the past five years and I’ve seen Vicki make so much progress through her music/speech therapy sessions, and wanted to find a way to help her continue that therapy” says Pam Perry Combs. “Therapy is very costly and the portion covered by insurance has long been gone, so I thought maybe putting together the old group and playing a few shows would be a way to raise money for her therapy, and give her a goal and a purpose again. In all honesty it’s been great for all of us! Of course we hope that our music will be entertaining to all who listen, but more than that… we hope that you are inspired by Vicki as much as we are”. The New Coon Creek Girls have always been talented and entertaining… so if you get the chance to see one of our shows we know you won’t be disappointed in the “Revival” of the New Coon Creek Girls.