Meet the New Coon Creek Girls

The “New Coon Creek Girls” were formed in 1979 by Mr. John Lair, the founder of Renfro Valley, with the intention of carrying on the traditional music that was played by the original “Coon Creek Girls” on his famous Barn Dance from 1939 to the mid 1960′s. But it didn’t take long for Lair to see that the New Coon Creek Girls talents would take them far beyond the walls of Renfro Valley.

After leaving the Valley they traveled extensively playing and singing their own brand of acoustic music throughout the United States and Abroad. For almost 20 years the New Coon Creek Girls were a main stay at bluegrass festivals, fairs, concerts and college venues. The New Coon Creek Girls have had several personnel changes over the years, but you would be hard pressed to find a combination of which found more popularity than that of which was together in the mid 80′s.

It is that lineup of women that has come together after a 27 year hiatus. Pam Gadd on banjo and guitar, Wanda Barnett on guitar and fiddle, Vicki Simmons on bass and banjo and Pam Perry Combs on mandolin and guitar; they sometimes carry one of their alumni fiddle players too. Though each of them have experienced their own success in music, they all hold their tenure with the New Coon Creek Girls as a highlight in their careers.